Little acorn, mighty oak

40-something hippy headbanger. Searching for meaning in my meanderings.

About me

MeWelcome to little acorn, mighty oak

I’m Angela. I live in Cambridgeshire, England, with my husband and our rescue cat.

Like everyone, my life can be pretty chaotic. I work full-time, am a carer for my Dad who lives a couple of counties away, try to enjoy a social life when I can and do the usual chores that we all need to do to manage life.

In some ways, I’m drawn to chaos. I love heavy metal, horror/sci-fi movies and generally anything with an alternative edge to it.

But, I’m also an introvert (INFJ), with GAD, so a big part of me needs order and calm. Too much chaos and I find myself wanting to run off to live in a treehouse. Too much order and I crave adventure.

It’s a tightrope I constantly walk. I suspect a lot of us feel this way as we try to negotiate our way through this chaotic world.

I dream of living off-grid, in an eco-cabin by a lake, raising rescued farm animals, doing yoga every day and working for a cause. But I also dream of thrash metal moshpits, bars with loud music and good beer, and getting lost in hot, dusty cities in far-flung places.

I am a contradiction of myself, searching for my place between chaos and calm. Somewhere I fit just right.

A short summary of me (in no particular order)

Metalhead, hippy (white collar variety), yogi, itchy-footed nomad, wife, daughter, carer, blogger, sister, animal lover, bookworm, occasional party animal, ok-ish photographer, nature-lover, vegetarian, HIIT fanatic, sci-fi/horror fan, communications manager, aunt, adoptee, GAD sufferer (with a small side of OCD), friend, introvert (INFJ), amateur mayanist, self-confessed geek, aspiring minimalist, godparent, perpetual student of life.

Of course I am many other, boring things too – cleaner, employee, bill-payer, mower of lawns, taxpayer – but I promise not to write about any of that.



All photos are my own unless noted otherwise. If I forget to credit when needed, it’s an oversight on my part and I apologise.